We welcome all of you to a membership meeting, Saturday, June 5, 5 pm EDT.  It will be our startup meeting to discuss the name and identity of the group, the formation of an advisory group, the organization of needed committees for fellowships, fundraising, mentoring and communications.

Proposed programming for 2021-2022 includes workshops for paper proposals for Pittsburgh 2022 (due June 2, 2021), roundtable proposals (due September 2021), and session proposals for Montreal 2023 (due February 2022). Additionally, we would like to discuss setting up writing groups, networking contact lists, independent programs, mentoring programs, fundraising for fellowships, among other suggestions.

We invite you all to participate in our events, programs, projects and other efforts in an ongoing effort to change academic access, institutional transparency, and equality in all aspects of academic work. We welcome your suggestions for other actions. We will need your expertise and energy and we look forward to working with you.