SAH Minority Scholars Affiliate Group
June 5 2021 Membership Meeting Report

Our first membership meeting took place on June 5, 2021. 20 members attended the meeting. We discussed the pros and cons of the name “Minority Scholars AG.” Alternatives discussed include “Scholars of Color,” “Underrepresented,” “Disadvantaged,” and “Underprivileged.” However, no satisfactory alternatives were proposed and we agreed to maintain the current name until further notice. To help mitigate the problems with the term “minority,” it was proposed that in its public-facing statements, the group clarifies what the term means (see below). One outcome of this rich discussion was a refinement of the mission statement of the group (see below).

Proposed revised mission statement:

The mission of the Minority* Scholars Affiliate Group is to help the Society of Architectural Historians effect systemic changes within the Society and within the discipline of architectural history that will contribute to making them more diverse, equitable, and inclusive, for the benefit of minority scholars including graduate students and emerging professionals, and for the benefit of the entire membership of the Society.

* “Minority” here refers to scholars who have been underrepresented within the discipline of architectural history in its current, hegemonic Anglo-American guise. These include, among others, historically-underrepresented groups in the United States, international scholars from the continents of Africa, Asia, Australia, South America, and from eastern Europe, Indigenous people, LGBTQ+ scholars, scholars with disabilities, and first generation scholars.

We also discussed developing a process for selecting new leadership for the group. Suggestions include polling other groups to see how they select new leadership, and staggering leadership transitions to ensure continuity within the leadership team. Lynne and Ito’s terms as ch-chairs will be over in April 2022.

Finally, we requested nominations for group members interested in serving on the SAH’s Board of Directors and Executive Committee, and volunteers to serve on various Minority Scholars Affiliate Group sub-committees. Several members volunteered. However, more volunteers are needed and we welcome further nominations and volunteers at: