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Minority Scholars’ Workshop: Publication 2.0
Thursday, May 27, 2021
3:00–4:30 PM CDT

With this workshop the SAH Minority Scholars Affiliate Group builds upon efforts initiated in 2018 by Itohan Osayimwese and other architectural historians to create a more inclusive, diverse field in all its aspects, facets, directions, and institutions. Knowledge production in the form of publication was one of this group’s focus areas—greater access and representation in university and scholarly presses of authors, editors, series editors, and content of non-traditional topics using innovative methodologies and archival methods. While we were thinking particularly of presses with architectural history series, we were also interested in the inclusion in leading architectural journals of scholars of color or content relating to difference and the broader issues of contemporary scholarship as it has globalized. The 2020 SAH Minority Scholars Workshop, “Navigating the Challenges in Publication,” sought to provide detailed information about approaching editors, submitting book proposals, and working with an editor through the publication process with special attention to challenges to minority scholars or others working on non-traditional topics involving archival methods and research of minority groups.

Filling in the gaps from the 2020 workshop, the 2021 Minority Scholars’ Workshop, “Publication 2.0,” will cover the publication of journal articles, chapter contributions to collections, conference papers, and new forms of publication. As in last year’s workshop, it will address scholars at different stages of their career but will be directed at emerging scholars of color in non-traditional fields of architectural history. A panel of speakers will represent different perspectives—editors, journal editors, and authors of collected essays. Publication in non-traditional modes such as online podcasts, curated websites, digital journals, and more has proliferated, particularly with the Covid-19 pandemic. The review of these phenomena will include the discussion of types, advantages, disadvantages, and the engagement of new media.